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Saturday, April 24, 2010 2 comments

Well, I have played Call of Duty 3 on the Xbox 360, Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360, and Call of duty 5 on the PC. I do not own Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

All of my friends love the new Call of Duty. They claim it to be the best first person shooter to ever be released with groundbreaking graphics and physics and every other praise they can name. They tell how the game requires so much skill and everything is so realistic. Well from the few hours I have played, I can tell they are wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

My single player impressions - A flimsy storyline relying on flashy unrealistic scenes. How many times must we play through a game where the Russians are the baddies and we have to destroy them. Is this still the 1900's! Is this another version of the Red Scare? Whoever labeled this game to be realistic is a fool. Yes because in real life its quite possible to shoot other snowmobiles while going 150 mph down a mountain side before launching over a cliff and suddenly flying to the other side. If you believe its possible, go try it, tell me how it works out. From playing through the entire single player I can say, re-playability is not possible. To suffer through it again would not be fun. Also I'm not just bashing it to bash it, there are some cool things in it too, such as the slow-mo hostage rescue scenes, shooting the hostiles while saving hostages... Awesome! Yet reading up on the Call of Duty and Infinity Ward history I can say they have lost their touch and initial goal. They left the Medal of Honor series to make a game that does not focus on one superhero soldier but to feel like just another soldier in a war. Super secret stealth missions to save the entire United States... tell me you dont just feel like another soldier in the war.

Multiplayer Call Of Duty


So, here is my review of the Call of Duty multiplayer!

The multiplayer has been called, revolutionary and groundbreaking! Did it live up to it?

The answer is... kinda.

Yes it is quite addicting with a leveling up system unlike any other fps and perk system and weapon system, and I could go on. The gameplay online wont confuse you if you have played a previous Call of Duty title, it has just been expanded on and improved on. Featuring hundreds of class combinations with perks, weapons, accessories, and camouflage. Also, yes you still have your search, your teamdeath, and the rest with a few new game modes such as 3rd person cage match or demolition.

These new gamemodes are nothing extremely different than the rest. Demoltion is a round base multi-bomb defusal game. The offense gets many bombs and must plant them at two separate bomb sites. 3rd Person Cage Match is simply a 1v1 in 3rd person, unfortunately there is no First Person Cage Match.

Some of the new kill streaks are now ridiculous. Instead of the old 3, UAV, Harrier, And Helicopter there are now things like AC-130 gunner and the NUKE. Yes thats right, NUKE. Basically if you get a 25 kill streak the game ends. But I always ask seems a little odd calling a nuke in on your self and teammates.

Some bad things about the multiplayer is camping or just plain cheap ways of being killed. Honestly its not fun respawning after being killed by a AC-130 gunner to only be killed by it again. Or to be walking down a path then be sniped by a camper miles away with a intervention. Now on to the next topic, hackers. I was playing with a friend one day and we agreed to take turns playing it online. We would get one game in a server. It took us longer to fine a server without any hackers in it than to play a game! Whether it was instanuke or a nuke in every care package it was ridiculous!

Anyway thats what I think about it! Please share your thoughts!


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