Exclusive Dogfight Interview

Saturday, May 29, 2010 0 comments
So I have been the distinct pleasure to interview Ztormi (Who is currently In the Finnish Defense Force) on his latest source mod! Dogfight will thrust players into raging online multiplayer as they fly planes through the World War One era! If you have a source game I would highly suggest taking a look at it on ModDB!

Gameuter: So, looking at your mods page it seems the popular WW1 Source was the first mod you worked on that was completed for ModDB. Did you have much of a role in that project like you do in your upcoming mod Dogfight?

Ztormi: - Yes WW1 Source was first released mod I took part on creating from scratch. I did most of the codework of the mod, some maps, models and texturework. I was also one of the leaders of the project.

Gameuter:With Dogfight you are currently the only one working on it, do you plan on trying to find a team or doing the entire mod solo?

Ztormi: - It's hard to find good team for a mod. Dogfight started as a "sandbox" mod for pure code learning, testing my limits as a coder and modeller. However mod code worked better than I never expected and creating an airplane mod for source is definetely something unique. Basically I just mod Dogfight for fun and for my own amusement and keeping it as my "portfolio project" for now. Maybe I start looking for other team members after the first release.

Gameuter: Did you have a inspiration on why you wanted to do a mod on Dogfighting?

Ztormi: - I didn't have any specific inspiration for making the mod about Dogfighting, I just wanted to try out making something completely new for Source Engine. I'm not even a huge fan of airplane sims.

Gameuter: Any idea on a single player campaign for Dogfight or maybe bots to use?

Ztormi: - Single player won't happen, atleast not as a campaign. Bots are used just for debugging purposes.

Gameuter: How many people are you going to try to fit into one match? Are we talking something big like 32*32 or 16*16 or something small like 4*4?

Ztormi: - 32 will be max players on a map. However I think the battlefield may get too crowded. Haven't tested the mod with so many players yet

Gameuter: Any possibility on using a first person view in the planes too?

Ztormi: - First person view would indeed be cool but putting all the detail on the cockpit view would take too much time for me. So it's not going to happen atleast not for a while.

Gameuter: How realistic would you say the physics are, I know you commented saying this is not a completely realistic mod but will a airplane enthusiast still enjoy it while anyone can still play?

Ztormi: - I guess the airplane physics will be satisfying for players liking airplane sims aswell as players preferring arcadey style of dogfighting. I'm not an expert of airplanes after all.

Gameuter: The clouds in game look amazing! Yet will they hinder the planes any other way than just how far we can see, or will we be affected by wind or currents?

Ztormi: - Clouds are just a particle effects created by source particle editor. Mapper can't unfortunately decide how clouds act but they can choose the type of clouds for their map (heavy, thin, rain etc. ). Also the clouds don't affect the airplane in any way.

Gameuter: If you do a more arcade like approach are we going to see floating powerups like ammo and different guns? Or is that not what your going to be aiming for?

Ztormi:- Dogfight is sort of a compromise of realism and arcadey approach. There won't be any floating guns or health packs. All the aircrafts in game have their own weapons they had in the time. The 3 properties ( agility, durability, speed ) are also assigned somewhat realistically according to the historical resources but with gameplay and balancing in the mind too.

Gameuter: Thanks, but for one last question. Any new images for us desperate watchers?

Ztormi: - Expect an epic gameplay video soon!

Im Confused? Vietnam? Call of Duty?

Friday, May 28, 2010 0 comments

So reading up online and everywhere else Call of Duty Blackops will be in Vietnam. Yet I thought Vietnam was mostly jungle, yes buildings but mostly jungle. I did some research into Vietnam's climate (Yahoo Answers) and it revealed it doesn't snow much in Vietnam. Well heres some screenshots.

                                           Well, thats snow. No snow in Vietnam. Hmm.

Well anyone getting a weird feeling this may have parts outside Vietnam or there historian screwed up?

                                           Well, here we go. Maybe Vietnam is in the game?

                                                           There we go, Vietnam!

                                         Seriously did I miss something, where the heck is this guy?

Oh and for some fun Vietnam music (kinda)

For What It's Worth – Buffalo Springfield

Starcraft 2 Beta

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 0 comments

Well we all know the hype with the beta, and guess what. I'm in! So it took some time but I got in and I was so excited. So I figured go online and use my skill from Company of Heroes, Warcraft 3, Red Alert 2 and 3, and Starcraft 1 to kick some butt! Well, thats what I figured anyway. Got on chose to play Terran after creating my account, joined a matchmaking practice game almost immediately. So trained some SCVs got some vespene when 20 zerglings ran into my base killed my SCVs and I lost. Woah. Rushed. I guess I really need to get better! Haha feel free to hit me up for a game on Starcraft! (Shawnsey/ MadMonkey199@gmail.com)

APB you are my bestest friend.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 0 comments
Well, lets just stop all obsessing over old MMOs like World of Warcraft and Everquest. Experience the new best MMO experience out there! Team up with friends and play All Points Bulletin! A new game featuring a 3rd person view on crime! Choose to play as an enforcer (Cop) or a criminal. Rule the city as you complete missions  get better weapons, cars, and clothes!

Well that pretty much sums it up but let me tell you about my experiences with my brother. We teamed up to take down some enforcers as we were hardy criminals. Me (MadMonkey) with my SMG and my bro (Lapig) was using a burst sniper rifle. So we got a mission to steal some documents. We figured we would be up against some NPCs and all of the normal stuff in a MMO. We were wrong. We hoped in our van and drove off to the building we needed to burgle. I stayed in the car leaning out ready to shoot any enforcers trying to stop us. Suddenly after my brother got the documents we were told enforcers have been dispatched out to stop us! We quickly hoped into our car to drive to the drop off point. Suddenly as we pass a road a enforcer truck flies out with a man with a gun leaning out the window! My brother swerves as I shoot back at the car! They move up to ram us and I spray across the hood of there car causing it to burst into flames and explode as they jump out!

We get to the drop off point just to learn its the wrong documents!  We need to go get the real ones from a enforcer base. We drive off towards it and get up on a highway that leads us right to the new documents. He gets out and stays up high to snipe and I jump down as he spots enforcers and guns one down. I rush up with my SMG to finish off the other one! Once we get the documents were told to hold the area. We wait watching where we expect the enforcers to come from. Yet suddenly fro behind I get gunned down. I tell my brother the areas being compromised and he watches and snipes as I rush back after I revived. I get back just in time to take back the area when the clock expires! We did it. We won. What you ask? Well some money to spend on some guns, and clothes, and even cars!

Best iPod Games?

Well, my last post was about iPods too but, heck, I don't care I'm high off my iPod so I just cant help it! So, here is my top five list of iPod and iPhone games! (In no particular order)

1. Lux DLX  (An extremely fun risk clone with many maps and settings to toy with!)

2. Warpgate ( Imagine a singleplayer EVE for iPod.)

3. Jet Car Stunts (cant help to imagine Track Mania Nations Forever here, fast car and extreme stunts.)

4.  Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars (Well, Im pretty sure you guys already know this but... Explore your bad side as you become the gangster you've always wanted to be.)

5.  Touch Grind (Like to Tech Deck, well this is for you. Like to skateboard, well this is for you. Like to impress people with your iPod, this is for you! Grind, ollie, and kickflip you're brains out!)

Ipod jailbreak

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 0 comments
Wow, iPod touch's are fun, a jailbroken one is even better! Oh the fun of customizing with themes or the freedom of doing whatever you want. Of course not pirating apps, thats bad. Although bad completely easy with Instalous! So, how do you jailbreak your 3rd Gen iPod? Easy with Spirit Jailbreak released quite recently, you simply plug in and click a small box that says "Jailbreak"! Could it get any easier! In no times you can have a rainbow iPod or small Windows 7 look alike!


Thursday, May 6, 2010 0 comments
Well, any computer oriented player can skip this article if ya want, pretty much just me wanting to educate those who don't play on PC about this wonderful tool and how its WAAAAY better then PS3 Live and Xbox Live. I just get annoyed as X-Box players and the alike all tend to say "You cant talk to friends on computer" or "Achievements are not on computer" Ugh....

Anyway for my first point. Pros of using Steam.

1.Purchase any PC game through steam not just X-Box classics or anything else.

2. Free weekend games! Not just free live, the game, for FREE. (Suck on that X-Box)

3. Steam VOIP (Voice over IP)

4. Steam achievements. (Okay, not in every game but suck it up.)

5.VAC (Valve anti-cheat on some games)

6. Time in game logs. (Yes, I do want to watch my one hundredth hour in Arma II get logged!)

7. Source mods on steam! (Own a source game, your in luck... unless its for X-box....)

8. Demo's for amazing games!

9.Groups to join!

10. Its free.

11. More and more and more sweet features.

Well now to cons using steam.

1. Although there is VOIP it sucks, lagggggy.

2. The in game steam interface can interfere or cause anti-cheats to go crazy.

Thats pretty much all there is to it. It can do all the things you X-box and PS3 fanboys love, and more!

Fallout 3 and my moding experience!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 0 comments
Well Fallout 3 certaintly was an AMAZING game, it featured a vast wasteland to explore and many quests to fulfill! From the creators of Oblivion, Bethesda came this epic tale of defeat, sorrow, and triumph. From leaving the vault to finding the water purifier you enjoy a rich RPG experience!

So, what could possibly make this game better? Well, what makes any computer game better? Mods, mods, oh and mods. Similar to Oblivion thousands of mods are freely availible to download from entire Fallout overhaul (FOOK) to small mods to simply replace the body wich are still so popular (Type 3)! So of course like any naturaly curious person I download a couple... hundred mods. With thousands of save games and 200+ hours I constanly tried new mods! Or maybe I would want to play the game a specific way like as a stealth sniper or maybe a rocket launcher baring explosive genius! Whatever I wanted I could mod the game to play that way!

Well, I did and I played, and played until one day I had 25 GB left on my 255 GB hard drive... went and checked my Fallout 3 Data folder and clicked properties. It slowley went up, 400 MB, 1GB, 2 GB, 10 GB, 30 GB, 80 GB. Oh crap! Figured I had played enough of Fallout 3 I decided I should clear it out... Went through deleting things to return it back to vanilla Fallout 3. I was following a guide telling about how you only needed some a few folders, the others were just for mods. After finishing up I didnt play for another 2 months. I came back hoping to get some more fill of Fallout 3 the other day, some sweet RPG FPS blendeed action. I didnt. I clicked the Fallout3.exe and the window opens, the intro plays, and BOOM crash. EVERY TIME, crashed. A fatal error every time.

So, googled around, checked the Fallout 3 Nexus, and learned some bad news. I deleted a relativly important file. Fallout3.esm, the file that only just powers the entire Fallout 3 game. So, I wasnt sure where my disks were and it was against the TOS  to redownload the file anywhere. Well, lessoned learned, ALWAYS back up your games! Especially before modding!

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Saturday, May 1, 2010 0 comments
So, the new Call Of Duty has been officially announced. We now know the rumors and the speculation around it is true, It will be in the era of the Vietnam and Cold War. Its title will be Call of Duty: Black Ops. Personally I hate this title, seems like their trying to get people to like it due to the extreme popularity of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's Special Operation missions or Spec Ops for short.

From the trailer there looks to be jungle combat, flying missions, snow, villages, and everything else. Altough what is quite unexpected is the clock in the hospital clearly states the year is 2010. Does this mean some modern combat or is this just for the story? Who knows!

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