Thursday, May 6, 2010
Well, any computer oriented player can skip this article if ya want, pretty much just me wanting to educate those who don't play on PC about this wonderful tool and how its WAAAAY better then PS3 Live and Xbox Live. I just get annoyed as X-Box players and the alike all tend to say "You cant talk to friends on computer" or "Achievements are not on computer" Ugh....

Anyway for my first point. Pros of using Steam.

1.Purchase any PC game through steam not just X-Box classics or anything else.

2. Free weekend games! Not just free live, the game, for FREE. (Suck on that X-Box)

3. Steam VOIP (Voice over IP)

4. Steam achievements. (Okay, not in every game but suck it up.)

5.VAC (Valve anti-cheat on some games)

6. Time in game logs. (Yes, I do want to watch my one hundredth hour in Arma II get logged!)

7. Source mods on steam! (Own a source game, your in luck... unless its for X-box....)

8. Demo's for amazing games!

9.Groups to join!

10. Its free.

11. More and more and more sweet features.

Well now to cons using steam.

1. Although there is VOIP it sucks, lagggggy.

2. The in game steam interface can interfere or cause anti-cheats to go crazy.

Thats pretty much all there is to it. It can do all the things you X-box and PS3 fanboys love, and more!


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