Anyone else hate Xbox Avatars?

Thursday, June 10, 2010 0 comments
I don't know if alot of people share my view on this but I dont care. It just annoys me to have these Avatars. Seems to me like a cheap knockoff of the Mii? Anyone Else? My hate is completely rational too.

  1. Not used for many games.
  2. Too little customization.
  3. Wii had 'em first.
  4. Expensive items.
  5. All basically scary.
  6. Never truly look good.
So, really I dont intend to sound like Im raging just plain flat out dont like 'em! You?

New XBox 360 Box Art!

So with the upcoming Project Natal coming Microsoft changed there Box Art!

Here is the old box art : 

Here is the new one : 

So, my thoughts on the new Box Art? Personally I think there is too much green and wont look good on some games with a darker color, maybe black or blue. Of course remember the left side of any box is going to be green anyway.

So, what do you guys think?

Blogspot is going crazy.

Sorry I have not been able to update, Blogspot is going crazy and I can only get on at work! I have tried alot of stuff and am currently at work. I tried restarting, deleting cookies, enabling java-scripts, I guess I need to switch to Google Chrome?
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