Valve's spin on DoTA?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 1 comments
  Who knew when the first version of DoTA was released to the map/mod hungry fans of Warcraft 3 that years later it still shines! With a player base larger than some relatively new games you must admit they have accomplished quite a feat. Now with countless spin-offs such as League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth I still have to say I am surprised to see Valve hop on the bandwagon. Or so we assume? Actor Jon St. John, who you'd know as the voice behind Duke Nukem, took to his Twitter account earlier in the week and wrote "Had a great time in Seattle last week recording for DotA. The guys at ValveSoftware are awesome!" So, what did this mysterious tweet mean? Is it true? Is icefrog there now? So many questions... like where the hell is Episode 3 and why are you starting this?!

Infolinks 2015

What game is this again?


Well, Starcraft 2 has successfully blown my mind... again. This is Lund's "Ruins," a StarCraft II modification using the game's Galaxy Map Editor tools to completely alter, change, and transform the gameplay experience within Starcraft 2.

Call of Duty Moder- Oops Black Ops


Im sorry but I was hoping for a Call of Duty that felt.... different? I dont know but still looks like Call of Duty Modern Warfare with a few different guns and models. Well thats just me. What do you think?
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