Just Cause 2

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   Heres the review of the lovely, Just Cause 2. For anyone who doesn't know, Just Cause 2 is a free roaming third person shooter. Basically you must cause chaos on a tropical fascist island known as Panua.

You play as Rico, a kick butt para-dropping grapple-hooking American spy! Yes, he is as awesome as he sounds. The story is relatively flimsy as with any open world game. SPOILER. You must find the man who trained you to see if he went rogue then take down the government by helping out gangs across Panau.SPOILER END. So you must do missions for four separate gangs to earn chaos and money. As you do the gang missions new missions called "Agency" missions pop up. These will advance the story along.

 Some amazing features of Just Cause 2 are the infinite parachutes, the grappling hook glove, many cars to drive, many missions to complete, and so on. I say infinite parachutes because as you say, jump off a building you can open the parachute and shut it 9 times before falling safely to the ground, and get this.... with no parachute bag! You also have a arm or hand mounted grapple, you can use this to say fly through the air to a wall or a less conventional way like grappling an speeding enemy car to a building and watching the fireworks!

Unfortunately for me the game's novelty value ran out quick, yes it was awesome to stand on top of a fly plane but seeing it for the tenth time you get bored. I picked this up for 45$ on steam, if the price had been 30 or 25 I would be more happy with the game. Although theres no way to know if you will appreciate some of these features more than me.

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Halo Reach IGN Exclusive Interview

So, IGN got a chance to meet and talk with Chris Carney, Bungies multiplayer design lead and ask a few questions about the Halo Reach Beta for those who own Halo:ODST. This article has some sweet new news about the health system, the new armor powers, oh, and the JETPACKS.

Read the full article here.

Lucky IGN.

Mount and Blade: Warband

First and foremost, yes this is a recent game, and yes I know the graphics look like there from 2004. Yet we all say, its the gameplay not the graphics that matter! Well heres that game that proves it!

Such great gameplay is because of  the many features packed into the game and how they are implemented. For example combat is amazing, each weapon is different and how you swing it and from where. Whether your on horseback or standing on the ground, whether using a sword or a polearm.

Warband's main new feature is online multiplayer and no, unfortunately it is not like a MMO. Rather that everyone being in an open world, there are map based battles similar to play a first person shooter, like Call of Duty.... except with swords. Even more like a FPS its got the classic game modes such as team deathmatch or capture the flag. Of course there are some new exciting game modes such as siege, one team defends a castle as another attacks, unfortunately these battles are usually quite unfair and not played as much as classic modes.

Similar to games like Counter Strike there is a money system to purchase goods in an online game. For each kill you are rewarded an amount of gold to spend on a weapon. These weapons vary on what faction you are playing and what class you are.

Unfortunately with the online having so many features the single player is lacking. If you don't plan on playing single player  than you need not read ahead and I suggest you get this game. If you do, read on!  The singleplayer has no true story but it is a open world adventure. Unlike other open world games you don't truly explore it all, you go into a map view while traveling instead of your character and the world. There are also a few bugs polluting the singleplayer too such as during a siege men get stuck going up ladders and small anoying bus similar to that.

Overall this game has alot of  replayability especially if you are interested in the online multiplayer aspect!

Assassins Creed II

Assassins Creed II is the sequel to Assassins Creed the multiplatform game that put you in the role of Altair a assassin in Jerusalem. Similar to the first game you are again a assassin this time named, Ezio. Also this time around you explore the massive expanse of Renaissance Italy.

This sequel keeps many of the beloved features of the first game, while refining others and expanding on the gameplay. Also new this time around is a monetary system. It allows purchasing weapons, medical supplies, armor, and more. This gives a sense of accomplishment as you travel and experience the rich game world, unlike the last game where at the start you are a killing machine, at the end you are a killing machine.

The game also starts alot nicer then its predecessor, instead of starting as a assassin you start as a baby, you learn to move then time flashs forwars until you are about twenty. Here you are still not an assassin but as the plot unfolds Ezio has to adapt to the assassin ways.

Overall the game is a fun experience and quite long, with the new monetary system vast world, and countless missions, anyone can be hooked!
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