The New Darth.

Friday, April 30, 2010 0 comments
So, after Darth Andeddu, Darth Vitus , Darth Revan, Darth Revan , Darth Malak , Darth Voren , Darth Bandon, Darth Glovoc, Darth Traya, Darth Nihilus , Darth Sion, and more. We finally arive to Darth Malgus. He is the evil sith lord of the new Star Wars MMO, Star Wars the Old Republic.

This new installment in the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic series is bound to blow people away! I am currently eagerly waiting for my copy of the beta though...

Anyway, back to the point. Darth Malgus will actually be getting his own book. It is titled Deceived and will be written by Paul S. Kemp. The author behind the book Star Wars: Crosscurrent.

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