Fable runs the same path as Halo?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 0 comments
Well, I loved the first Fable, It was a fun game with great choices and story! Unlike any I had ever played before! When they had announced the second I was so happy and rushed to get it! I enjoyed it tremendously yet it felt a little different and different for the worse. As with Halo, I liked the first but when the third finally did come out I felt cheated and unfulfilled. I just hope Fable 3 will pull back to the good old original Fable style or at least not be terrible.

Well, this is still similar to the second, hopefully they wont forget though what started the Fable series and what the games were built on. It is Peter Molyneux though, I trust him not to screw up!

New 360? The X-box 370?

A new X-Box has been developed. It is much smaller than the old and looks a lot nicer in my opinion. More like a PS3 now.  It's all black with black controller and looks great with Project Natal. Erm, I mean Kinect...

Kinect, Meh.

Well, Microsoft's Project Natal now has an official name! It has been dubbed, Kinect. I think its supposed to be pronounced like kinetic. Although it still sounds like connect to me.... Well people will be able to see if they dislike more than the name in November, 2010.
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