Assassins Creed II

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Assassins Creed II is the sequel to Assassins Creed the multiplatform game that put you in the role of Altair a assassin in Jerusalem. Similar to the first game you are again a assassin this time named, Ezio. Also this time around you explore the massive expanse of Renaissance Italy.

This sequel keeps many of the beloved features of the first game, while refining others and expanding on the gameplay. Also new this time around is a monetary system. It allows purchasing weapons, medical supplies, armor, and more. This gives a sense of accomplishment as you travel and experience the rich game world, unlike the last game where at the start you are a killing machine, at the end you are a killing machine.

The game also starts alot nicer then its predecessor, instead of starting as a assassin you start as a baby, you learn to move then time flashs forwars until you are about twenty. Here you are still not an assassin but as the plot unfolds Ezio has to adapt to the assassin ways.

Overall the game is a fun experience and quite long, with the new monetary system vast world, and countless missions, anyone can be hooked!


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