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Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Well, lets just stop all obsessing over old MMOs like World of Warcraft and Everquest. Experience the new best MMO experience out there! Team up with friends and play All Points Bulletin! A new game featuring a 3rd person view on crime! Choose to play as an enforcer (Cop) or a criminal. Rule the city as you complete missions  get better weapons, cars, and clothes!

Well that pretty much sums it up but let me tell you about my experiences with my brother. We teamed up to take down some enforcers as we were hardy criminals. Me (MadMonkey) with my SMG and my bro (Lapig) was using a burst sniper rifle. So we got a mission to steal some documents. We figured we would be up against some NPCs and all of the normal stuff in a MMO. We were wrong. We hoped in our van and drove off to the building we needed to burgle. I stayed in the car leaning out ready to shoot any enforcers trying to stop us. Suddenly after my brother got the documents we were told enforcers have been dispatched out to stop us! We quickly hoped into our car to drive to the drop off point. Suddenly as we pass a road a enforcer truck flies out with a man with a gun leaning out the window! My brother swerves as I shoot back at the car! They move up to ram us and I spray across the hood of there car causing it to burst into flames and explode as they jump out!

We get to the drop off point just to learn its the wrong documents!  We need to go get the real ones from a enforcer base. We drive off towards it and get up on a highway that leads us right to the new documents. He gets out and stays up high to snipe and I jump down as he spots enforcers and guns one down. I rush up with my SMG to finish off the other one! Once we get the documents were told to hold the area. We wait watching where we expect the enforcers to come from. Yet suddenly fro behind I get gunned down. I tell my brother the areas being compromised and he watches and snipes as I rush back after I revived. I get back just in time to take back the area when the clock expires! We did it. We won. What you ask? Well some money to spend on some guns, and clothes, and even cars!


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