People care for you Halo 2.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Its so nice to see people care, especially about halo 2. Fourteen dedicated player have kept their big black xboxes connected to the internet and on, playing their favorite game. It was 12 days ago live was supposed to be shut down! Overheating and dropped internet connections are slowly eating away at the people trying to save it.

As of writing, the final 14 are: Agent Windex, APACHE N4SIR, sherlok 1, SieferSword, Rob2D, Detenn, z0mbie stench, Lord Odysseus11, xxMAKDADYxx, H2o Shoagie, xxBooker Dxx, DirtyCajun, AForeignObject and HiredN00bs.

I wish you all my personal luck!


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