Warcraft 3 is Risk.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So, every gamer should know about Warcraft, whether its World Of Warcraft or the classic RTS that started it all! And to no gamer surprise people still play the classic RTS version. Although the last installment was released way back in 2003, many players still play it, including me! I love the game and have played it since 2004!

The best part for me is the custom games and maps! Sure, you can play it as a RTS or... a TD, DotA, Risk,Loap, whatever you want! Due to custom maps! The one I want to talka about now is Risk.

This great maps transforms the game into the classic Risk board game! The map, Risk Next Gen was created by PsycoMarauder and is a popular host in online custom  games. The game play is turn based. Kind of. You get income at the end of each turn and more units based on countries and cities you own. While you can control movements in real time economics, cities, and countries are based on the minute turns. This makes for some strategic game play such as taking one city in each country right before the timer ends, severely limiting your opponents income that turn.

If you dont own Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, pick it up. No matter the price!


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